PayVu video guides

Registering with PayVu

How to register Recommender 1:42

Invite others to PayVu 0:37

How to register as an authoriser 2:46

Recommending Payments

How to recommend payments 0:52

Confirming which payments you are recommending 0:14

How to recommend payroll tax payments 0:56

How to recommend BAS payments 0:59

Payment status and cancelling recommendations 0:33

How to recommend bills to pay 0:33

How to recommend superannuation contributions 1:06

How to recommend PAYGW tax payments 1:01

How to recommend salaries 0:46

Manage Settings

Getting started with PayVu 1:19

Guide to company details 0:22

Guide to user management 1:37

Guide to company settings 0:23

Guide to superannuation details 1:10

Generic Help in PayVu 0:23