Getting Started with PayVu:

Please read the below requirements and instructions before starting your PayVu two week free trial.

We are here to help, please feel free to contact us at any point:

Onboarding Checklist

Supported accounting software:

  • Xero

Supported Internet banking services:

  • NAB Internet Banking
  • NAB Connect
  • Westpac Live Business (Corporate Online Banking is not supported)
  • ANZ Internet Banking*
  • Commonwealth Bank NetBank
  • Commonwealth Bank Commbiz

Supported web browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

Before you start using PayVu make sure you have the following:

  • Xero login details including password
  • For the bank account you are making a payment with:
    • Bank login details, including password
    • Bank SMS security codes, where applicable
    • Bank 2FA device, if required
    • Payment authority
    • *File transfers must be enabled with ANZ. Contact ANZ to enable file transfers on your account, either by phone or via the ANZ app, for more information click here. File transfer is standard with the other banks

Xero Requirements

For the companies you are going to make payments for, you must enable appropriate user permissions in Xero, as follows:


a) Select the Payroll admin option.

b) On the Business and accounting page, select the following:

c) On the Bank account page, connect your bank account to Xero so that transactions flow automatically. View the Xero Help for details.


d) Make sure the BSB account number in Xero is correct. For example, 000-000 is not valid.


e) Make sure all contacts in Xero have bank details and email address.

Now that we’ve covered the requirements to use PayVu, please visit the registration page and follow the steps in the next section below to complete your PayVu registration.

Register For PayVu

Setting up PayVu

Step 1: Visit the Registration link


Visit the login page: and then click on ‘Create An Account’



Enter your e-mail address and accept the terms and conditions by clicking in the box


Step 2: Verify Your Xero credentials


Enter your Xero login credentials and verify with Xero’s 2FA. Once verified, select the company you want to recommend payments for.



If you are prompted for a 2 factor authentication code enter it here (Xero):



If you are prompted for additional confirmation from your Accounting System (Xero):



Please confirm your Xero e-mail address i.e. where Xero will send the Xero “Confirmation e-mail:”



Open the e-mail from the appropriate e-mail Inbox and follow the instructions, click on the link, to confirm it is you.


Step 3: Select Company


Once authenticated, select your company from the list and click Next:



Step 4: Nominate Authoriser


AUTHORISER: To set yourself up as a Payment Authoriser, click on “Yes, I will authorise payments”. (This is typically the business owner or client.) For the PayVu trial, we recommend you use your own business and thus authorise your own payments.


RECOMMENDER: To set yourself up as the Payment Recommender only, click on “No, I’d like to move on to the next step” as this enables you to recommend payments for your invited Authorisers (business owner).



You will have the option to invite additional users, such as:

  • Recommenders (typically bookkeepers)
  • Authorisers (typically business owners)


Click Next to complete your Recommender registration. If you are also the Authoriser, you can now complete your Authoriser registration to fully configure your PayVu account.

Step 5: Complete Authoriser setup


Open the authoriser invitation email and click the PayVu Registration button to load the PayVu mobile app installation page



Step 6: Download and open the PayVu App


Follow the on screen instructions to download phone app on your mobile phone. Please ensure you are using the latest Android version for Android phones and latest iOS version for iPhones. Follow the in app instructions to set up your multifactor authentication PIN.


Step 7: Allow Permissions and Setup 4-digit PIN


Please “Allow” Notifications when prompted during installation and set-up on your smartphone:



Configure your 4-digit security PIN by following the guidelines:



Once your PIN has been configured, you can close the PayVu app and return to the web browser which will update automatically to the next step


Step 8: Verify Your Banking Credentials


Enter and confirm your company bank information then click Next. Select your bank account from the drop down box and click Next to perform a simple payment verification..



Step 9: Registration complete


After your payment verification has completed, you can click Next to finalise the registration. You can now start recommending and authorising payments via the PayVu application. The authoriser can now open the PayVu mobile app and verify the 4-digit security PIN to view their linked company from the app.


This is our current development roadmap. Would you like to request any changes?

Coming Next

Support for the following web browsers:

  • Safari

Support for the following software:

  • MYOB

Upcoming Releases (let us know which ones you want first)

Support for the following accounting software:

  • QuickBooks