Frequently Asked Questions

Security & Compliance

Is my data secure when I use PayVu?

PayVu transfers data directly between your source accounting software and your internet bank, so you never need to save or download any information onto your hard drive or a shared drive, keeping your data private and secure behind the login credentials of accounting software or internet banking

What is Multi Factor Authentication & How Does It Help Keep My Information Secure?

Passwords alone are no longer considered sufficient – weak and stolen passwords are one of the primary causes of data breaches. MFA reduces the risk of unauthorised access to applications and data by requiring a second method of authentication.

PayVu’s MFA technology allows users to verify their real world credentials and identity, register their phone as a token and create a secure and secret PIN.  A user can complete all necessary steps in a way that enables an organisation to meet both identity proofing and legal compliance requirements. Users can also add credentials as required by an organisation’s business rules.

Plans & Payments

How can I enable file transfers for ANZ?

To enable file transfers on your account contact ANZ directly, either by phone or via the ANZ app and ask to enable “Import a payment file for multiple Pay Anyone“. ANZ provide in depth information about this function on the following page:

For further assistance please call the ANZ Internet Banking team on 13 33 50 (International callers: +61 3 9699 6908) 24 hours a day, seven days a week or visit their contact page here:

How does reconciliation work?

Visit our detailed guide for Reconciling payments between Xero & PayVu:

If I start using PayVu for just 1 company, can I add another company later? If so, how much will that cost?

At any time you can add another company to your PaVu plan. Please refer to the PayVu plan pricing tables for the “additional company” costs.

Can part payments be made?

Currently only available for BAS. All other payment types coming soon.

Can a company pay from more than 1 bank account?

This will be available in a future release.

When I make a payment in PayVu, how quickly will it get to my supplier?

PayVu makes the payment via your internet banking. If you pay before your internet banking cut-off time your supplier will receive the payment the next banking business day.

Does PayVu hold super payments before they are received by the Super funds?

No. PayVu does not hold your money. The money is transferred directly from your bank account to the Super fund’s nominated bank account.

How is money transferred and are there any clearing or waiting times for PayVu payments?

PayVu transfers monies via direct credit and direct credit variants, which facilitates same day or overnight payments for you and your suppliers.

How do I pay for PayVu?

Your monthly PayVu subscription will appear as an invoice to be paid in your PayVu account

How do I cancel my PayVu subscription?

Simply cease using the PayVu service and you will not be charged.  Conversely any payments you process via PayVu will be charged accordingly.

PayVu Future Releases

Will PayVu be supporting other accounting applications?

Yes, we have a roadmap of accounting software including MYOB and Quickbooks/KeyPay which are schedule for release during 2020.

Will PayVu be supporting other banks?

Yes, we have a roadmap of additional banks that we will be supporting later this year including St George Bank, Adelaide Bank and Bendigo Bank. If your bank is not listed here please email us via the Contact Us section with your bank request

Does PayVu support other web browsers?

Yes, PayVu currently supports Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge

PayVu Support

How do I contact PayVu support for help?

Inside the PayVu app, please select the “Chat with us” button in the blue bar at the top of the page

What are the requirements for my business to use PayVu?

To use PayVu, a Bookkeeper (recommender) needs to have:

1. An ABN(s)

2. Access to Xero for the ABN(s) 

a. When registering as a Recommender please note the current minimum permissions required in Xero (pictured below) for PayVu to work as it is currently configured.

b. MYOB and Intuit/Quickbooks coming soon

3. Owner (approver) login credentials for the above ABN(s) for the retail versions of the following banks:

a. NAB Internet Banking

b. WBC Westpac Live

c. CBA NetBank

d. ANZ Internet Banking (File transfers must be enabled with ANZ, file transfer is standard with the other banks)

4. Use Chrome as an internet browser

Why can’t I see all of my outstanding invoices in PayVu?

PayVu can display up to 2 months’ worth of invoices that are marked pending payment in Xero.

Why can't I see my BAS payments?

PayVu customers migrating to simpler BAS will not be able to use PayVu to retrieve the BAS statement and pay them using PayVu. You can enable Full BAS (Advanced Tax Rates) in your Xero account to allow us to display your BAS payments in PayVu.

To change your Xero account back to Full BAS, please follow the instructions on the Xero help guide:

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