Build trust. Securely delegate and remove key person risk.

What took hours, now takes minutes

PayVu’s solution, in conjunction with Xero, enabled Kevin to operate in a more secure manner by separating duties. With PayVu’s secure app, he no longer accesses customer bank accounts. B&W have been able to significantly reduce low value customer contact as payments are now sent via the PayVu app.

Customers now approve payments, and PayVu automatically sends remittance and updates to Xero. Kevin’s team were spending hours every week making payments and sending remittances to customers and vendors. PayVu automated this, saving Kevin and his customers time and money.

PayVu has eliminated the mundane admin and rework, securely streamlining the time consuming accounts payable process. Kevin can now delegate to his team focus and on growing his business.

Making payments and sending remittances was taking hours per week… it’s now minutes. PayVu not only streamlines, it eliminates the need to send remittances, because PayVu does it automatically. PayVu securely accesses the clients bank accounts for payments. Customers approve or reject payments securely in the PayVu app on the go. We are now saving significant time. I can now work on helping clients grow their business, and my own!

Kevin BeckDirector - Books & Wages

The Challenges

Accounting is a trust business. Kevin serves customers who implicitly trust him. They share bank account passwords, which Kevin can’t share with his team to minimise risk. As a key player, with limited work hours available, he doesn’t want to be embedded in the payment process as its not the best use of his time. Without sharing credentials he’s caught between a rock and a hard place. If Kevin could delegate securely, he could focus on other higher value activities for customers and his business.

Kevin’s desire to remove risk for his business and customers is a key driver for his choice of technology.

Kevin’s challenges…

  • Remove key person risk: Needs to remove access to customers bank credentials.
  • Avoid rework: Reduce low value customer contact.
  • Streamline: Stop manually uploading ABA files.
  • Automate: Stop manual payments and manually sending remittances.

The Solution – How PayVu helped eliminate key person risk.

Kevin’s appetite for secure and progressive tech was satisfied when he discovered PayVu for an automated integrated payment solution.

PayVu helped to…

1. Delegate payments. Kevin works on higher value initiatives and can now take a holiday!
2. Eliminate risk of sharing bank credentials via PayVu’s secure system which is ISO Certified and SuperStream Compliant.
3. Easily build trust with new clients due to PayVu security levels.
4. Streamline payment processes. Business owner authorises or rejects on mobile app removing double handling and rework for both B&W and their customers.
5. Provide a single process for all payments including invoices, salaries, BAS, super & BPay.
6. No longer manually sends remittances. Improved customer service.

PayVu’s enhanced security, in the event of unauthorised access

Unauthorised user gains access to the authorisers phone + accesses their PIN and unlocks phone

Unauthorised user then proceeds to navigate to PayVu and enters the 4 digit PIN.

In the worst case, the user can only authorise or reject a payment sent by the bookkeeper.

About Books & Wages

Books & Wages provides accounting and bookkeeping services to small and medium businesses with the primary role of taking the “hassle” out of maintaining accounting records and at the same time reducing expenses. They provide a money back guarantee to reduce bookkeeping costs without compromising their customers’ business activities.

Specialties include Bookkeeping, Bank Reconciliation, Xero, Inventory Management, MYOB, Accounts Receivable, Quicken, Accounts Payable, Data Entry, Payroll, Preparation of Monthly Management Accounts, and Preparation of BAS and IAS reports. They have now added PayVu to enable a secure automated payment solution!

Having access to clients bank accounts has always concerned me. We needed a solution to end that. Much of my work could be delegated, however, due to the trust clients place in me, I still perform duties that would be better positioned elsewhere in the team. Some clients get really annoyed when I’m unavailable to approve a payment. I may be sick or even on holidays, sitting in a resort yet I still need to log in and make payments. It was a nightmare, until I discovered PayVu which meant no more passwords, saving time and removing these risks

The Results

Books & Wages trusted PayVu to provide a more secure efficient payment solution for their business and their clients.

Kevin’s team is focused on helping customers achieve their business goals. This means avoiding low value customer contact, but only in a secure manner. They wanted to transform the payment process securely and save time.

The PayVu Solution…

  • Removed key person risk.
  • Removed risk by no longer accessing customer bank credentials.
  • Significantly reduced handling time.
  • Enabled Kevin to delegate work and focus on high value initiatives.
  • Sends remittances automatically once payments are made, especially for his hospitality customers who have many suppliers…and invoices!
  • Customer satisfaction improved as processing payments got easier.

Making payments and sending remittances was taking hours per week… it’s now minutes. PayVu not only streamlines, it eliminates the need to send remittances, because PayVu does it automatically.

There’s more to come in 2020 with more features on the way to help Kevin and the team provide more output, securely, for no additional input.

Streamlined payments process

No sharing of banking credentials

Free your team of mundane admin

Eliminate key person risk and provide separation of duties

ISO Certified. Remove risk, avoid errors and build trust

Superstream compliant payments

Payments authorised on the go

Do you run a bookkeeping or accounting practice?

Allow PayVu to eliminate the hard work and streamline the tedious accounts payable process for you. PayVu provides real value to Accountants and Bookkeepers.