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Grow your business, not your overheads

PayVu takes the hassle out of processing payments on behalf of your clients. A streamlined payments process makes it easy to add valuable and profitable services to your bookkeeping business without needing extra staff or time.

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Payment Recommendation Service

No more wasted hours chasing clients for approvals. Recommend payments for clients to authorise or reject at their convenience via their mobile phone.

Bill Payment Service

Once registered and approved by your client, you can securely pay all supplier bills on their behalf without needing their banking credentials.

BAS Payment Service

Once you’ve calculated your client’s BAS obligation, you can process the BAS payment directly via PayVu to ensure prompt payment.

Payroll Services

Wages and Salaries
Pay all wages and salaries quickly and securely with PayVu.

Do your clients have challenges paying super? PayVu makes same day* superannuation payments and uses ClickSuper to deliver SuperStream compliance. This provides small business up to 4 extra days** to secure the cash flow to pay their super on time.

* payments must be authorised by 4pm AEST on a business banking day, to be paid on the same day.

** compared to superannuation paid by direct debit.

Complete & Compliant Payment Service

Provide a complete and compliant payment service to all of your clients by paying bills, wages, salaries, BAS, Payroll tax (QLD/NSW only) and super in just a few clicks.

PayVu uses ClickSuper for SuperStream compliance.


Transform your business with PayVu

PayVu has automated the last step of the accounts payable process which means:

  • No more reviewing, managing or making edits to clients’ ABA files.
  • Clients won’t miss making payments due to an expired ABA file.
  • You don’t need to know clients’ banking credentials to facilitate business payments.
  • Your clients’ critical business and banking information is kept secure via Multi Factor Authentication.
  • Improved labour efficiency and higher profits for your business.
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PayVu has been built with bookkeepers in mind


Streamline payment approval/rejection between bookkeepers and clients.


Recommend bills, wages, salaries, taxes and superannuation for payment in just a few clicks.


Automate all software & banking logins via secure Multi-Factor Authentication.


Automated payments integrated with accounting software and internet banking

1/ Instantly displays data from accounting software

All outstanding items in your client’s accounting software are instantly displayed in a “single pane of glass view” so you can recommend them for payment by the business owner at the touch of a button.

2/ Approved payments are sent to Internet Banking

Payments approved by the business owner are automatically sent to internet banking for processing. Rejected payments are re-set to unpaid, notifying you of the reason for rejection.

3/ Delegation of payment authority to improve business efficiency

Clients can delegate secure payment authority to you so they can focus on growing their business, while you automatically and securely process payments via the business’s internet banking.


Patented cloud-based technology that simplifies business payments

Instant Access

Log in online, anytime on your PC, Mac or tablet for a real time view of your client’s supplier bills, wages, tax and super.

Single Pane of Glass

View all outstanding payments on one page and use our single click select and recommend process.

Automated Stakeholder Management

Automated payment approvals or rejections between bookkeepers and clients.

Payment Authorisations Via The Mobile App

Once you make your payment recommendations, your client will be able to make fast & secure payment decisions via the PayVu mobile app.

Automatic Remittance Advice Delivery

No more manual remittance advice processing. PayVu’s patented technology completes the payment process for you. When you pay via PayVu, the remittance advice is automatically sent to the supplier’s email address (as recorded in the accounting system) for payment notification.

Fast Payment Notification

After being approved, suppliers and employees will see payments in their bank by the next business day. Suppliers will also receive a payment notification via email.

Superannuation Management

Check for & resolve payment failures to ensure your clients remain ATO compliant.

Secure Data Transfers

All transactions pass securely from your client’s accounting software to internet banking so their data is kept private.

Easy Payment Identification

Prioritise payments, quickly & easily view payments made, and stay on top of outstanding payments.

Online Chat Support

Share your screen with our support team so we can provide fast issue resolution.

Video Tutorials

Learn how to use all PayVu features in our short video tutorials (60 sec or less).

PayVu Pricing

PayVu makes it easy to make your business payments. And we’ve made it easy to pay for our service with a range of pricing options to suit the needs of your business and clients.

Limited Offer: 50% off for 6 months if you register and pay before 30/06/2021


$ 10 / month

50% off for 6 months

$20 / month


30 Payments

30 Bills

20¢ Per Extra Payment


$ 15 / month

50% off for 6 months

$30 / month


130 Payments

130 Bills

20¢ Per Extra Payment


$ 20 / month

50% off for 6 months

$40 / month


Unlimited Payments

Unlimited Bills

Supported payment types: Direct credit & BPAY – *All prices excluding GST

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PayVu works with your accounting system and bank

We’ve integrated our automated, safe and secure payment process with the leading accounting software applications and banks. We’re adding more all the time to make sure we’ve got your business covered for an easy new way to pay.


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Westpac Live

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Internet Banking

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We’re here to help save you time for what really matters

The PayVu team is standing by to help simplify your business payments process. With less manual administrative tasks, you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business. Take one simple step to one touch business payments.

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