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We help businesses make payments simply and securely

PayVu connects businesses with their bookkeepers and accountants to make fast, simple and secure payments with one touch on a mobile app. Using patented technology, PayVu ingests data from your accounting software to enable fast and accurate payment of invoices, wages, salaries, taxes and superannuation.

PayVu has taken all the hard work and time out of organising business payments. What used to take hours can now be done in minutes, freeing up the time of business owners and their bookkeepers.

PayVu is SuperStream compliant and ISO27001 certified for information security.

InPayTech Products

Another innovation from InPayTech

PayVu is the latest in a range of innovative technology products from Integrated Payment Technologies (InPayTech ASX:IP1).

InPayTech owns the patent rights of a process that allows unlimited data about payments to be communicated by the sender to the receiver using the security of the receiver’s bank account. The data is accessed by a short form URL displayed in the reference field of the receiver’s bank statement.

For more information about InPayTech please visit: www.inpaytech.com.au

InPayTech owns and operates the following products:

PayVu uses a patented process to deliver a SME payment service that bridges the gap between accounting / payroll systems and internet banking.

The PayVu product gives time back to business owners and their bookkeepers by reducing the payment process from hours to minutes.

ClickSuper is an e-commerce solution designed to simplify the superannuation contribution and rollover process.  ClickSuper is an Australian Taxation Office (ATO) SuperStream certified provider.

Visit www.clicksuper.com.au for more information about ClickSuper.

PaymentAdviser facilitates the payment and communication of data concerning the payment between the payer/provider and payee/recipient. 

Visit www.paymentadviser.com.au for more information about PaymentAdviser.

About the InPayTech Board & Management

Emma Dobson

Non-Executive Chair

Miss Dobson is currently a Commissioner of the New Zealand Earthquake Commission and a Board Member of ABSIA, the Australian Business Software industry Association as well as participating in a New Zealand Advisory Board for the data standardisation of eInvoicing.

As a Member of the SuperStream Advisory Council and a Director at Westpac Institutional Bank…
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Trent Lund

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Lund is the Chief Executive Officer of Unlocked Ventures Pty Ltd, a major shareholder of Comply Path. Prior to this role, he was the lead partner for Innovation & Ventures at PwC Australia where he helped organisations leverage emerging technologies to innovate new business models.

He co-designed the PwC Global Innovation & Ventures model and….
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Paul Collins

Non-Executive Director

Over the last 20 years, Mr Collins has been extensively and directly involved in the start-up and subsequent ASX listing of 2 successful FinTech companies.

A co-founder of IWL in 1997, he was an Executive Director of this company from its inception, through its listing in 1999 (ASX: IWL) before leaving in 2004. Later in 2004, Mr Collins…
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Randolf Clinton

Non-Executive Director

Mr Clinton is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Clinton Capital Partners, a venture capital investment and advisory business that focuses on early-stage technology companies.

Prior to this role, he had over 30 years of leadership experience in global investment banking and financial markets, having started, developed or…
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