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All your business payments in one place, made easy.

PayVu makes all your business payments fast, simple and secure.
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PayVu takes care of all your business payments, easily and securely

PayVu is an automated, secure and scalable business payments solution that makes it easy to do all your payments in just minutes. It’s the simple one touch process you’ve been waiting for.

Getting Started

What PayVu can do for you:


No more time-consuming pre-confirmation, confirmation and rework required for payments and ABA files. What used to take hours now takes minutes.


No need to export files, share internet banking details or use emails for authorisation, limiting cyber-security threats.


Bookkeepers and accountants recommend payments which are authorised or rejected by the business owner with one touch.


PayVu automates software and banking logins with Multi-Factor Authentication to limit access to your systems, accounts and data.

I want business payments made easy

How PayVu works for your business

PayVu is an easy-to-use and intuitive application for all your business payments. We’ve handled all the complexity of the back-end to make it easy for business owners, bookkeepers and accountants to process all business payments using one simple process on a single screen.

Step 1.

Secure login for you to access PayVu

Step 2.

PayVu extracts payments from your accounting software

Step 3.

Payments are recommended to business owner (authoriser)

Step 4.

Business owner edits, authorises or rejects payments in one touch via mobile app

Step 5.

PayVu makes payments securely via business’ internet banking

Step 6.

Supplier/recipient sent notification and remittance advice

Choose PayVu for your business payments

PayVu takes care of all the steps you need to make business payments easily and securely, with just one touch. It provides bookkeepers and accountants with a simpler way to set up payments, and the business owner with a secure way to authorise via the mobile app. It’s business payments made easy.


Items for payment are selected from business accounting software by a bookkeeper or accountant, then the business owner authorises those payments on a mobile phone.


Approved payments are automatically sent to internet banking for payment, while rejected payments are re-set to unpaid including the reason for rejection.


Payment authority can be delegated securely to bookkeepers and accountants, with no need to share internet banking credentials.

We’re here to help save you time for what really matters

The PayVu team is standing by to help simplify your business payments process. With less manual administrative tasks, you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business. Take one simple step to one touch business payments.

Getting Started